Lessons - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to Teacherzone?

Go to on any device (or download TeacherZone app on a mobile device or tablet)

Login: tmdfirstnamelastname (Ex. tmdrobertsmith)
Password:  password

Once logged in, you can change your password to something more secure in your account settings.

How do I communicate with my instructor?

Teacherzone has a chat built in for all communication with your instructor.
 If you are excited to show progress before your next lesson, you can send
practice videos and pictures right in the chat.

What do I do if I cannot attend my lesson?

You can send a message in the Teacherzone chat to your instructor and/or click cancel lesson in your Teacherzone schedule.  Your instructor will create a video lesson that he/she will send to you in Teacherzone.   This way you won’t go a week or more without further instruction or fun things to practice until your next lesson.  

If the lesson was supposed to be in person, you always have the option of doing your lesson virtually instead of cancelling all together if you cannot make it into the store.

What do I need for my lesson?

Just your instrument!  Well... also your willingness to learn and have lots of fun!  Your instructor will let you know on your first lesson if you need any instrument accessories, books, or sheet music.  

*Electric guitar or bass students DO NOT need to bring an amp or cable.

    *Piano students will use our brand new digital pianos in our lesson rooms.

*Virtual students need their instrument setup at home and ready to go at the scheduled lesson time. A high-speed internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone is essential for the video call with their instructor.

If I have a virtual lesson, how do I log on to it?

Login to your Teacherzone account and where it says “Your next lesson..” (web browser) or “Upcoming...” (in the app), click on the camera icon to connect.  (Most instructors are using Google Meet)

How am I billed for lessons?

After enrolling in lessons, you will be instructed to login to your Teacherzone account and add your billing information.  You will automatically be charged the full monthly tuition on the 1st of each month.