Percussion Accessories

  • DrumDial Precision Drum Tuner

    DrumDial Precision Drum Tuner

    Music Den Price: $59.95
    DrumDial quickly and precisely tunes all drums by accurately measuring drumhead tension NOT tension rod torque. Tension rod torque can be used to tell you when you are over tightening a bolt to prevent thread damage, but is not accurate for drum tuning...
  • 8mm Long Rubber Cymbal Sleeve and Seat

    8mm Long Rubber Cymbal Sleeve and Seat

    Music Den Price: $4.99
    The Gibraltar SC-20A 8mm Long Rubber Cymbal Sleeve and Seat has a rubber flanged base with an 8mm nylon sleeve that enhances and protects the cymbal from making contact with the threaded cymbal post.
  • Promark Cymbal Sizzler

    Promark Cymbal Sizzler

    Music Den Price: $13.99
    The Promark S22 cymbal rattler is the perfect alternative to putting permanent rivets in your favorite cymbal. Achieve the same classic sizzle sound without the hassle of drilling holes and inserting rivets. The S22 features smaller metal beads for more...
  • Remo 10-12-13-16 Remo-O-Ring Pack

    Remo 10-12-13-16 Remo-O-Ring Pack

    Music Den Price: $14.95
    The RemO Sound Control Rings make it easy to control unwanted overtones on your toms and snare drums. RemO Rings are a quick and easy way to help control your drum sounds whether you’re playing live or in the studio. Constructed of Mylar®
  • Bright Key

    Bright Key

    Music Den Price: $14.99
    Dixon Brite Drum Key. Drum Key, Torch, Bottle Opener - the multi-purpose drum key
  • Hoop Grip

    Hoop Grip

    Music Den Price: $14.95
    The Hoop Grip is a simple tool that allows you to add cymbals or other accessories to your drum kit to expand your setup and customize your sound with ease. The possibilities are endless!