Effects & Pedals

Have you been thinking about getting a new guitar pedal? There are so many different options to choose from! Single pedals are great for getting a signature tone. Or maybe you prefer the ease of use and versatility of a multi-effects unit. From reverb to flange, fuzz to delay.  You can mix and match pedals to get the exact sound you're looking for, or maybe a looper pedal would work for you. There are also mini pedals that will save you space on your board. The possibilities are truly endless, and the journey of sonic discovery is always exciting! Let us help you find the perfect pedal for you.

  • Miniature Version of Katana Clean FET Boost Miniature Version of Katana Clean FET Boost

    Miniature Version of Katana Clean FET Boost

    Music Den Price: $99.00
    Clean and super powerful MINI KATANA CLEAN BOOST! Keeley’s oldest design made smaller and with tasteful updates including an additional feature. The Katana started back in 2002 within the Time Machine Boost. It was a dual class A JFET design that...
  • Keeley Electronics Fuzz Bender Keeley Electronics Fuzz Bender

    Keeley Electronics Fuzz Bender

    Music Den Price: $149.00
    FUZZ BENDER The Keeley Fuzz Bender is a three transistor modern fuzz using a combination of high-gain silicon and smooth-toned germanium.  What sets the Fuzz Bender apart is its active EQ.  Using two gyrators as an active EQ gives you the...
  • Keeley Electronics Compressor Pro

    Keeley Electronics Compressor Pro

    Music Den Price: $299.00
    Powerful, with Attack, Release, Auto Mode, Hard/Soft Knee World Renown Compression by Keeley Audio Performance and Blissfully Accurate Keeley Compressor Pro. The stomp-box sized compressor/limiter is made in Oklahoma, USA and engineered to be an...
  • Keeley Electronics Caverns Delay/Reverb V2

    Keeley Electronics Caverns Delay/Reverb V2

    Music Den Price: $199.00
    THE NEW KEELEY CAVERNS DELAY REVERB V2 The New Caverns Delay Reverb V2 dual effect pedal combines delay and reverb for the perfect end to any pedal board. It features Keeley’s analog style tape delay with modulation options.  The 650ms of...
  • Surfy Industries SurfyVibe Pedal (V1.0)

    Surfy Industries SurfyVibe Pedal (V1.0)

    Music Den Price: $200.00
    The vintage Magnatone amps were known for having that amazing wobbly sound, from discreet low intensity effects that makes an instrument mix well into the sound of a band, to extreme effects that can take the sound of guitar out of this world! Depending...
  • Surfy Industries SurfyTrem Pedal (V1.1)

    Surfy Industries SurfyTrem Pedal (V1.1)

    Music Den Price: $200.00
    This effect is built to recreate the sound of the famous "vibrato channel" of the vintage Fender® amplifiers. It is not a digital effect. The sound from the pedal is gently warmed up, a tiny darker than the dry signal, and features 2 different...
  • Surfy Industries SurfyFuzz (V1.0)

    Surfy Industries SurfyFuzz (V1.0)

    Music Den Price: $240.00
    When we decided to develop a FUZZ, we wanted it to be unique, multi-faceted and not a straight clone of a classic from yesteryear, since those are readily available. We also wanted to tap into the deep knowledge of our friend and fuzz...
  • Surfy Industries SurfyDrip Switch (V1.1)

    Surfy Industries SurfyDrip Switch (V1.1)

    Music Den Price: $70.00
    The SurfyDrip is a remote reverb mixer controller and foot switch that works in conjunction with your SurfyBear Classic 2.0, SurfyBear Metal 2,0, Fender 6G15 and similar reverb units or any Fender style combo "-Reverb" amps. The switch works the same in...