Acorn Amplifiers

  • Acorn Amplifiers TMA-1 Fuzz

    Acorn Amplifiers TMA-1 Fuzz

    Music Den Price: $199.00
    Detected by its strong magnetic field emanating from the lunar crater Tycho, the TMA-1 was found buried 15 meters beneath the surface of the moon. The moment 9 volts of direct current hit the TMA-1,...
  • Acorn Amplifiers Mind Killer Dual Distortion

    Acorn Amplifiers Mind Killer Dual Distortion

    Music Den Price: $225.00
    Seemingly crafted by the hands of the Kwisatz Haderach, the Mind Killer by Acorn Amplifiers is a dual distortion device that guarantees to deliver total obliteration in the form of huge gain tones to...
  • Acorn Amplifiers Kakarot Fuzz Acorn Amplifiers Kakarot Fuzz

    Kakarot Fuzz

    Music Den Price: $149.00
    The Kakarot Fuzz is a hybrid fuzz circuit featuring one germainium transistor feeding into one silicon transistor which is then sent through a pair of LEDs for boosted clipping. The Kakarot dual...
  • Acorn Amplifiers Circuit Fuzz - Blue

    Acorn Amplifiers Circuit Fuzz - Blue

    Music Den Price: $149.00
    With the Circuit Fuzz, Acorn Amplifiers has debuted the first effects pedal that provides a bonus effects pedal PCB right on the face of the pedal. Two for one! Perfect for the guitarist interested...
  • Acorn Amplifiers ADHD Fuzz

    Acorn Amplifiers ADHD Fuzz

    Music Den Price: $149.00
    The ADHD, or Adaptive Droning Hyperfuzz Device, is a glitch, filter, bit crushing, octave, square wave guitar synth oscillator disguised as a fuzz pedal. An adjustable square wave oscillator...