• Catalinbread Tremolo8 Catalinbread Tremolo8

    Catalinbread Tremolo8

    Music Den Price: $219.99
    "Tremolo" is only scratching the surface. With 8 unique programs, the Tremolo8 shows you what volume modulation is truly capable of. RATE: Controls the speed of the trem. There are exceptions...
  • Catalinbread STS-88 Front Catalinbread STS-88 Angle

    Catalinbread STS-88 Flanger/Reverb

    Music Den Price: $209.99
    After having acquired more flangers than should be allowed by law, Catalinbread sealed themselves away in the laboratory to study the nuts and bolts of the effect. What emerged was the STS-88, a love...
  • CB Series - Overdrive

    CB Series - Overdrive

    Music Den Price: $150.00
    Maximum tone for the minimalist. Since rock music began, people have been cranking the volume controls on their amps in order to push them into distortion, an effect now known as "overdrive." The...
  • CB Series - Fuzz

    CB Series - Fuzz

    Music Den Price: $150.00
    Maximum tone for the minimalist. A powerful introduction into the world of fuzz, the CB Fuzz puts nothing between you and rock's most beloved effect of all time. From its humble...
  • CB Series - Distortion

    CB Series - Distortion

    Music Den Price: $150.00
    Maximum tone for the minimalist. Few things are as pivotal in a player's life than learning about the world of distortion pedals, and it's gotten to the point where the term itself is almost a...
  • Catalinbread Callisto MkII Analog Chorus

    Catalinbread Callisto MkII Analog Chorus

    Music Den Price: $209.99
    All analog chorus featuring a feedback control that can blur the line between chorus and flanger. After spending some time on the operating table, we are proud to release the Callisto MKII, back and...