On Stage

  • Handheld Tambourine

    Handheld Tambourine

    Music Den Price: $18.95
    A rhythm-section mainstay featured in nearly every style and genre of music, our TMB3200 Handheld Tambourine possesses a bold yet musical character that projects through the mix whether used for...
  • On-Stage Keyboard Sustain Pedal On-Stage Keyboard Sustain Pedal

    On-Stage Keyboard Sustain Pedal

    Music Den Price: $32.95
    Plug in the full-size, piano-style KSP100 Keyboard Sustain Pedal and use your foot to activate the sustain function on any electronic keyboard with a 1/4" sustain jack. Designed for ease of use and...
  • Soprano Uke Gig Bag - Watermelon

    Soprano Uke Gig Bag - Watermelon

    Music Den Price: $23.95
    The GBU4203WM Soprano Ukulele Bag delivers protective storage and transportation for a soprano ukulele. The weather-resistant exterior defends against the elements while double-stitched padding...
  • Podcast Bundle Podcast Bundle

    Podcast Bundle

    Music Den Price: $114.95
    Produce high-quality podcasts, broadcasts, and recordings using this bundle of our most popular mic and accessories. The plug-and-play USB microphone delivers detailed sound reproduction that stands...
  • On Stage DG600 Package On Stage DG600 6 pack

    On Stage DG600 Drum Gels

    Music Den Price: $5.75
    Dampen resonance, ringing, and sustain to achieve desired drum tones Reusable pads retain their self-adhering ability for many uses Easy to apply, remove, and reposition Washable with soap...
  • On-Stage Clip-On LED Orchestra Light On-Stage Clip-On LED Orchestra Light

    On-Stage Clip-On LED Orchestra Light

    Music Den Price: $49.95
    Wide lamp head illuminates up to four side-by-side pages of sheet music   Switches between bright light, low light, or off modes to adapt to a variety of settings   Base-mounted...
  • Standard Cabasa Main Standard Cabasa Angle

    On-Stage Standard Cabasa

    Music Den Price: $30.95
    Textured steel cylinder wrapped with steel-bead loops for a variety of percussive sounds   Sizzling, musical tone suits a wide range of music genres and styles   Loud, full sound...
  • 5" Cowbell 5" Cowbell

    5" Cowbell

    Music Den Price: $16.95
    A percussion workhouse that energizes a variety of musical genres and styles, our HPCB2500 5" Cowbell possesses a bold, musical character that cuts through the mix whether used for live performance...