Yamaha GA32/12 32-Channel Mixer Console USED

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Yamaha GA32/12 32-Channel Mixer Console USED
Yamaha GA32/12 32-Channel Mixer Console USED
Yamaha GA32/12 32-Channel Mixer Console USED
Yamaha GA32/12 32-Channel Mixer Console USED
Yamaha GA32/12 32-Channel Mixer Console USED
Yamaha GA32/12 32-Channel Mixer Console USED
Yamaha GA32/12 32-Channel Mixer Console USED
Yamaha GA32/12 32-Channel Mixer Console USED
Yamaha GA32/12 32-Channel Mixer Console USED
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Yamaha GA32/12 32-Channel Mixer Console USED

Serial: 01065

This mixer is used but in very good condition. It shows minor cosmetic wear and tear from use and age, inlcuding a frew scuffs and scratches along the sides. Please see images for appearance. It has been tested by our staff to ensure proper functionality.

This item is considered oversized and available for in-store pickup only.


The Yamaha GA32/12 is a high-performance mixing console designed primarily for sound reinforcement applications and installations.

Features Buss System
Most mixing consoles have a fixed buss system: e.g. say 4 groups busses, 3 or 4 auxiliary busses, a stereo buss, and maybe a mono buss. The numbers and variations are endless, but you're stuck with the configuration you initially purchased. If your buss requirements change from project to project, you'll need a new console with more capacity than any single job requires.

Group/ Aux Diversity System
The GA Diversity system provided on the GA Series Mixing Consoles gives you the flexibility to match the console's buss configuration to a wide range of signal-routing requirements. 4 of its 10 mix busses can be individually switched from pre-fader auxiliary send status to group type operation, so you can have 2 groups and 8 auxiliary sends, 4 groups and 6 auxiliary sends, or any other combination the job requires.

Clean Signals From Input to Output
Many mixer circuits must handle low-level signals - the head amplifiers, for example - and must be designed with extra care or they can be a major source of noise and distortion. Other critical design criteria include inter-stage matching, internal impedance, circuit layout, grounding, component selection, and a veritable plethora of other factors that affect performance and the mixer's overall "sound". Here's where Yamaha technology makes a real difference. Whether you're using microphone or line input, Yamaha's high-performance circuitry gives you an exceptionally clean, quiet signal from input to output. But then there's RF rejection. RF (Radio Frequency) noise generated by motors, video monitors, and digital equipment of almost any kind can make the cleanest, quietest circuitry virtually worthless. The GA32/12 and the GA24/12 boast outstanding RF noise rejection.

Specs You Can Trust
Yamaha never has "tweaked" specifications. Never will. It's amazing how mediocre specs can be made to look impressive by simply optimizing test conditions. The electrical specifications we publish are all brutally honest, measured under the stated and/or industry-standard conditions. When in doubt, we urge you to use the most sensitive sound measurement devices available: your own ears. They'll tell you who you can trust.

Rugged and Reliable
From connectors to controls to chassis, GA consoles are built to last. Whether used in an installation or taken on the road, these attractively finished, rugged consoles will keep on performing with the utmost reliability.

The GA32/12 has 28 mono input channels with balanced XLR-type microphone inputs and balanced/unbalanced TRS phone jack line inputs. Phantom power is switchable in 4-input groups for all mono inputs, providing direct compatibility with high-performance phantom-powered condenser microphones and DI boxes.

Channel Insertion
Insert send/return patch points are included on all mono channels for convenient insertion of compressor/limiters (a must for top-quality vocal sound), equalizers or any other outboard equipment you might need to apply to individual channels.

Input Controls and Level Matching
Gain trim controls with a 44-dB range and LED peak indicators on all mono and stereo inputs facilitate optimum level matching with a wide range of sources. The mono inputs additionally feature 26-dB pad switches, phase switches for easy input phase correction and switchable high-pass filters to cut out rumble and other low-frequency noise.

4-Band Channel EQ
4-band equalization on each input channel can be used to bring out the best in the sound of individual instruments or voices, emphasize a channel in relation to others, blend the sound of several channels, create special effects, reduce noise, and much more. The hi-mid and lo-mid bands on the mono channels are sweepable for extra control precision. EQ bypass switches are provided on all channels so equalization can be punched in or out as required without having to change settings.

Four Group/Aux Sends
The M1 through M4 "Mix Send" controls feed the GA console's unique GA Diversity system. When the corresponding FIX/VAR switch in the master section is set to the "VAR" position, that send functions as a prefader auxiliary send: i.e. the send control adjusts the level of the signal sent to the corresponding buss (M1...M4), and the send ON switch simply turns the corresponding send on or off. If a FIX/VAR switch is set to the "FIX" position, the send then functions as a post-fader group send.

Six Aux Sends
The M5 through M10 controls function as auxiliary sends, feeding the corresponding mix buss. These controls can be switched to receive the pre- or post-fader signal in groups of two (5/6, 7/8 and 9/10).

Stereo Assign and Panning
Stereo assign switches and pan controls on each input channel assign the corresponding channel signal to the GA console's stereo buss.

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