Vic Firth

  • Live Wires Brushes

    Live Wires Brushes

    Music Den Price: $32.99
    Featuring a small round bead on the tip of each wire, the Live Wires retractable brush is a revolutionary new brush that allows the player to create much louder brush sounds than ever...
  • American Classic® 5A PureGrit

    American Classic® 5A PureGrit

    Music Den Price: $14.99
    The world's most played drumstick, now customized with a new grip option for players who prefer a more raw and natural feel. Lacquer-free with special PureGrit processing for an unfinished, gritty...
  • American Classic Drum Sticks 5B Wood

    American Classic Drum Sticks 5B Wood

    Music Den Price: $14.99
    The American Classic® 5B has long been one of the world’s most popular drumstick models.The American Classic® line combines tradition and Vic Firth style. With bold designs, the...
  • Ziljian LTD ED Cotton Graphic Tee 3XL

    Ziljian LTD ED Cotton Graphic Tee 3XL

    Music Den Price: $35.00
    Introducing the 2022 Zildjian Limited Edition Cotton Graphic Tee. This premium, 100% Pima cotton t-shirt has laid-back style with a relaxed fit and raw edges on the neckline and arms. This tee is...
  • American Classic® Metal Nylon

    American Classic® Metal Nylon

    Music Den Price: $15.49
    A bold stick for aggressive playing. Long and thick for added reach and power! Features a Nylon tip for added cymbal definition. Diam. - .635" Length - 17" Taper - Short Tip - Oval Finish - Lacquer...
  • Signature Series -- Buddy Rich

    Signature Series -- Buddy Rich

    Music Den Price: $14.99
    A drumming legend, the Buddy Rich. The Buddy Rich signature stick is designed as a modified 5A with a larger blended tip,neck, and shoulder for an incredible feel and balanced performance. ...